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Hi all👋 I’m Jason!

I’m Jason Israilov (he/him), a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a major in Computer Science and minor in IT Security Management. My interest in computer science began in middle school as a neophyte programmer when I wrote my first line of code that printed the infamous “Hello, World” text on the screen. 

Fast-forward to today, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of experience working  many different roles such as co-founding a software development company, being a web developer, and a site reliability engineer to name a few.

Developing With Passion While Changing The World

With my strong technological background and entrepreneurial bug, I am determined to change the world.

I am highly passionate about working and collaborating on innovative ideas with teams to create products that improve people’s quality of life.

Let's talk with me.

Work Experience

I am an aspiring software engineer with experiences in software development, privacy, and cybersecurity along with my coursework.

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
April 2020 - Present

Co-Founded, Empyre Websa software development company based in Detroit managing over 20 clients in various industries by developing customized websites with an in-house CMS platform to decrease development timelines and increase visitor traffic by over 42% on Google Analytics.

Web Developer
Senior Web Development Intern
January 2021 – September 2022

Managed and oversaw a team of three junior web development interns by ensuring all code complies with team standards, follows
unit testing best practices, and follow software development life cycle leading to the improvement of the Michigan State University Eli Broad College of Business website.

UI/UX Designer
Full Stack Software Development Engineer
January 2022 – May 2022

Developed in an Agile environment to create pixel-perfect designs using a modern front-end JavaScript framework, ReactJS, and a micro web framework written in Python to create the back-end API service, Flask, for the application.

Site Reliability Engineer Intern
May 2021 – August 2021

Collaborated with app developers to research and remediate security vulnerabilities within Service Level Agreements (SLA) in Google Cloud reducing the overall threat by 95% in a 3-month period at Equifax Inc.

Google Cloud
Student Customer Support IT Assistant
Oct 2019 - Jan 2021

Troubleshooted and resolved over 2,000 customer computing technology issues at the MSU Technology Store leading to a decrease wait time by 30% and improved work efficiencies in handling customer concerns.

Creative Problem Solving
Aspiring Software Engineer

Along with my skills, I have experience in both frontend and backend development. 


Noteworthy Projects

Co-presidents Jason Israilov and Jensen Hwa, along with our club sponsor and leader Joshua Barclay presenting to the Board of Education of West Bloomfield High School

One of my proudest achievement was presenting to the school board of the West Bloomfield Board of Education advocating for cleaner energy in the district. After over two years of hard work together with the EARTH Club, we were able to secure a 20kW Solar Array for the West Bloomfield High School with $0 up-front investment requests!  With generous donations, endless fundraising, and grant scholarships we were able to raise $55k of funding and give the West Bloomfield School Board a break-even point is instant with the guarantee of reduced costs and carbon emissions from day one.

Since it was installed in September 2019, the solar array has generated over 34 MWh of energy and saved over 51,300 pounds of CO2 emissions! Check out the 20kW array live data feed for the most up to date numbers.

What Others Say

Here from my former bosses, managers, and professors!

Jason is one of the most promising students that I have encountered in my career. He has proven to be an amazing, dedicated, tireless and inspirational leader of the WBHS E.A.R.T.H. club, and under his leadership the club has achieved some truly amazing feats.

Joshua B.

I have worked extensively with Jason in many contexts.

Michael C.

Jason Israilov

Jeffery S.

Get In Touch

I’m currently looking for new opportunities and I’m eager to enter the technology industry as soon as possible. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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